The Northern Virginia Bankruptcy Bar Association was established in the early 1990’s at the suggestion of then Bankruptcy Judge Martin V. B. Bostetter, Jr. of the Eastern District of Virginia Bankruptcy Court. Anticipating the growth of bankruptcy practice, Judge Bostetter desired a robust bar of bankruptcy lawyers intent on establishing high professional standards and a depth of understanding in this technical field of law practice. A number of local bar leaders at the time, including Don King, Bob Tyler, Roy Zimmerman, and Richard Hall had a similar desire and began meeting on a regular basis.

Since then, the NVBBA provides annual continuing legal education seminars on issues relevant to commercial, consumer, and public interest bankruptcy practitioners. Through networking events and seminars, the NVBBA seeks to continue Judge Bostetter’s vision.


Thomas J. McKee, Jr.


Christopher A. Jones

President Elect

Justin Fasano

Vice President

Jennifer Kneeland


Christopher A. Jones


David W. Gaffey

Past President


  • Bradford Englander

  • John T. Farnum

  • Justin Fasano

  • Michael Freeman

  • David W. Gaffey

  • Christopher A. Jones

  • Donald F. King

  • Karen M. Lang

  • Alexander M. Laughlin

  • Robert M. Marino

  • Thomas J. McKee, Jr.

  • Daniel M. Press

  • Lawrence E. Rifken

  • Jeremy B. Root

  • Madeline A. Trainor